Why Do Big Rigs Trucks Have Spiked Wheels?

Every get the feeling of being overwhelmed when driving next to an 18-wheeler? It can become even more so when the big rig has those fancy spiked caps on their wheels. Aside from “just” dressing up the truck, they actually serve a real purpose… They help make sure you see and are aware of the vehicle.

If by chance you accidentally drifted too close to the truck and brushed up against one of the pikes, don’t panic! Most of these wheel covers are made of plastic or thin aluminum and will only scratch your car.

Another purpose for these covers is to protect the lug nuts. When you consider all the miles an 18-wheeler covers, the lug nuts—which help fasten tires to their axles—suffer more wear and tear than those of other vehicles. The spikes covers protect them from dirt and help to keep them dry, helping to prevent rust and loosing on the lug nuts.

You might say: “Why not just use plain flat cover?” The answer is easy, the drivers spend many hours in their big rigs and enjoy dressing them up to make them feel good about their “home” on the road.

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Published On: December 13th, 2021Categories: Trucks

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