Since the invention of the wheel, semi-truck rims have come along way. From the wagon wheel to Dayton rims (also known as spider rims) to steel one-piece rims to now Aluminum or Alloy rims.

Dayton style rims or the spoke is mounted permanently to the vehicle. The spoke is not removed when the tire is changed. Tires are mounted on rims that slip over the spoke, and then are secured to the spoke by a special clamps or cleat.

Disc rims are made from Steel or Aluminum. These are what is more commonly found on today’s trucks. The one piece has the rim permanently welded to the center. Wheel studs go through the brake drum, through the rim and is then mounted by the truck lug nuts.

Aluminum rims are lighter and more durable then steel rims. They are available in a polished finish to really give a rig a winning shine.

There are many products available to finish the look of the truck rims and cover the unsightly lug nuts and axles. Now available in chrome finished, stainless steel or ABS plastic, the accessories are available in all sizes and shapes to dress up the truck rims.