These are some basic rules to follow – it does not matter if you use a point and shoot, a professional camera or you phone.

  • Make sure you truck is nice and clean.
  • LOCATION! Find a nice open area without any distractions or clutter. Check to make sure that there are no reflections from other “stuff” on your truck.
  • The best times to shoot are early morning or late afternoon. Overcast days are best as the light is very even. If you use a flash – make sue that it does not create any “hot spots” on your truck, the best way to do this is by pointing the flash straight up or away from the truck.
  • Think before “clicking”! Play up your truck’s best features. Have a fancy visor or wheels – play up those features.
  • ANGLES! Bend down and shoot from a low angle, try a three-quarter view, you may even want to get a ladder and shoot from above the truck. Once again, look before “clicking”
  • Lastly, cropping – look at the final shots and get rid of unnecessary arears around the truck.

Have fun with photographing your truck. Send us some of your great shots and we may publish them in our truck of the week.