Ugly semi-truck rims, ugly semi-truck lug nuts! Not since the truckers started covering them with decorative lug nut covers.

Lug nut covers started with just some standard sizes, 1.5”, 1.25” to fit over standard semi-truck rim sizes. Then when lug nuts changes to different sizes, so did the lug nut cover. Now the common size is 33MM, but hundreds of sizes and styles are made to fit every hex shaped bolt head or nut on the semi-truck.

The lug nut cover is still available in a shinny polished chrome finish, but now also available in Stainless steel, and ABS plastic finishes as well. The lug nut cover has gone away from just being hex shaped to cover a hex bolt head or lug nut. Now they are as tall as 4” spikes, 4” cylinder shapes, some have flame logos etched into the sides of them, different colored reflectors to match the truck paint scheme and even the Big Rigs manufacturers logo on the tops of the lug nut covers.

They are a simple, inexpensive addition to a big rig truck and helps keep the truck looking good for the driver and all to see.