Many of us have seen dash cams on TV programs as well as on YouTube. At one time only police and services like them could afford to install a dash cam in their vehicle. Today prices have become more affordable that almost anyone can afford a dash cam.

What exactly is a dash cam?
It is a video camera that mounts in your vehicle and records audio and video continuously. While they are called dash cams – most people mount their window.

Why do I need a dash cam?

In case of an accident: You will have total proof of who caused the accident.
There are people that create accidents and fake injuries just to collect money either directly from you or your insurance company.

Parking dents and dings: When you park your vehicle and someone bangs into your vehicle you will have proof as to who did it.

Road rage: If someone starts to act crazy with you when there are a lot of traffic delays. You will have proof of what they did.

These are just a few of the reasons to get a dash cam. I am sure that you can think of many more reasons to have one in your vehicle.

How do I install a dash cam?
It simply plugs in to your power supply (the same way you charge you cell phone of plug in a GPS) or you can “hot” wire it directly to your battery. As for the mounting of the dash cam, it generally comes with mounting “hardware” to sit on your dash or mount on your windshield.

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